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About Us

Waza, is a concept kicked off by a community of people who are tired of doing daily household tasks. Making sure you have time for what matters is one of the key fundations of this organisation.


When we realised that doing laundry was not only a time consuming chore, but also resulted in an ugly clothing rack claiming way to much space in our living areas, Waza was born.


Not only time and space are a concern, doing laundry right is a dedicated skill.  Nobody wants to end up like the badly dressed intern on that way to important meeting. Waza strives to liberate these tasks from our daily life. 


Taking away laundry tasks is only the beginning.

Be prepared for more.


3 reasons you should try Waza


1. You can become an astronaut

It takes 1000 flight hours in a fighter jet to become an astronaut.  It takes 1500 flight hours in any plane to become a fighter jet pilot. And it only takes 40 hours of training in a simulator to be able to fly a plane. By the time you’ve spent 2540 hours on laundering and ironing, about 12 years will have passed and you won't have your rocket plane license. 


2. Ironing is a waste of time

Don't lie to yourself, you hate ironing. I mean you could've been at the bar by now, or finally getting started with that new hobby you never found the time for. Or maybe start a band an become the next Goo Goo Dolls. And yet you're still here looking for more reasons to try this thing?

Waza visual compressed.png

3. A pink shirt is nice unless it used to be white

A pink shirt a day is only one red scarf in the washing machine away. We can joke about it, but messing up your full wordrobe because of one mistake is a costly joke. You better let the experts take care of your presious belongings. 

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