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Going on vacation? Here's how to pack your clothes and keep them wrinkle free and clean!

Vacation time is here, and the last thing you want is wrinkled or dirty clothes. Follow these packing tips to ensure your wardrobe stays fresh and wrinkle-free throughout your trip.

Packing Tips to Avoid Wrinkles:

  1. Rolling clothes instead of folding them minimizes wrinkles and maximizes space. Lay garments flat, smooth out any wrinkles, then roll tightly.

  2. Packing cubes help organize your suitcase and keep clothes compressed and in place, reducing the chance of wrinkles.

  3. Place heavier items like jeans at the bottom and lighter items on top. Use tissue paper between delicate fabrics to prevent friction and creasing.

  4. Opt for fabrics like polyester, nylon, and knits that are less prone to wrinkling. Avoid linen and 100% cotton, which wrinkle easily.

  5. Stuff collars with socks or tissue paper to maintain their shape. Use shoe bags to separate shoes from clothes, preventing dirt transfer.

  6. Pack suits, dresses, and other formal wear in garment bags. Fold them as few times as possible to maintain their shape.

Keeping Clothes Clean on Vacation:

  1. Include a small bottle of detergent, stain remover pen, and a travel-size laundry bag. This allows you to handle minor stains and wash small items in your hotel room.

  2. Use a dedicated bag for dirty clothes to prevent them from mingling with clean items. Mesh laundry bags are ideal for this purpose.

  3. Rinse swimwear and activewear immediately after use to remove chlorine, salt, and sweat. Hang them to dry overnight.

  4. Take advantage of hotel laundry services for larger loads. Many hotels offer express services if you're in a hurry.

  5. Carry a travel-size fabric freshener spray to keep clothes smelling fresh. It’s a quick fix for garments that need a little refresh.

  6. If your clothes do get wrinkled, hang them in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam will help relax the wrinkles. Alternatively, pack a portable steamer.

By following these packing and maintenance tips, you can ensure your clothes stay wrinkle-free and clean throughout your vacation. Remember, if laundry becomes too much of a hassle, Waza is here to help with professional laundry services, including convenient pick-up and delivery.

Book a pickup with Waza after your vacation

Don't let laundry stress ruin your post vacation vibes. Schedule a pick-up with Waza when you get back and enjoy hassle-free professional cleaning services.


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