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How to iron without using an iron?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Ironing is often seen as a time-consuming chore. Not many people look forward to a big pile off laundry ready for ironing. Unfortunately, showing up at work or an awesome family party in wrinkly clothes is a big no, no. There are some people who find ironing relaxing, but research shows that this is a big minority. Therefore, we decided to create an article containing tips and tricks on how to avoid, or at least reduce time spent on ironing. Disclaimer: The article will not provide information on how to make ironing fun, as unfortunately this is nearly impossible.

Remove immediately from the laundry machine & hang up

For most people it is quite recognizable to start the laundry machine, use the hours while its running to do some house chores to then forget that your laundry is rotting in the machine for quite some time. The result: not so nice odor and very wrinkled clothes.

To reduce ironing time, it is crucial to remove your laundry as fast as possible after the laundry program is finished.

Once the laundry is taken out of the machine it is important to dry the clothes by hanging them on a drying rack. While doing so it is important to use clothespins. When hanging a T-shirt over the rack without the use of clothespins a clear line/crease will be visible when wearing the T-shirt.

Want to go the extra mile? Remove the biggest wrinkles out of the clothing while it is still wet by rubbing over it with your hands. Believe me, this really does the trick. The more wrinkles removed while still wet, the less visible wrinkles when dry.

Type of clothespins

Most of you don’t know it, but there are different types of clothespins: Flashy plastic clothespins, wooden clothespins and clothespins with a soft tissue. Those with the soft tissue are the ones to go to. The whole goal of this soft tissue is to make sure the clothespins don’t leave wrinkle marks on your clothes. Make sure to not waste the effort of hanging your clothes to dry by using the correct clothespins

Iron-free shirts

Clothes designers know the pain of ironing all too well. To get rid of the pain of ironing they designed Iron free clothing. You hear it well: no need to iron these shirts after washing them.

Clothing steamers

Clothing steamers are machines specially designed for people who want to avoid ironing. It’s a device which uses steam to take out regular wrinkles from clothing.

Ironing services

The above alternatives can reduce the number of wrinkles but are however never a guaranty on wrinkle free clothing. Additionally, hanging up clothes to dry, rubbing wrinkles away with your hands and using clothing steamers are still quite work and time intensive tasks.

If you don’t want to waste time on ironing and at the same time, make sure that your clothes are in perfect shape you might want to opt for ironing services.

Most of this services include pick-up from your doorstep, ironing by professionals and drop-off within 48 hours. More information regarding Ironing services can be found here.

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